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Happy Birthday Cherry Lane

Crafted by TMJ-P. AsheDina, Oct 2012

If you know the one who rules OVER the universe, you will have his eternal light shining in your heart. And the ‘eye in the sky’ watches over all. So fight the good fight and also spread eternity. I made this for a super sweet lady on Polyvore.  Sadly, the polyvore ‘art section’ has never recognized  some of the better, more talented old world artists. Choosing instead– to spread hateful ‘art’ that is propaganda for leftists…

Anyway, I know you all will enjoy this because it is loving.  Something that satanic leftists hate: Love.

The Mad Jew B*tch
You leftists, DO NOT mess up this post, it is for people that are trying to reflect and pause to think about godly things. I will just spam your lousy a$$es.

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~ by desertrose on November 7, 2012.

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  1. Ty.
    Looks like I am going to leave my political blog–I cannot take this anymore and feel defeated.

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