Simple Tom

I hit bliss and had an epiphany while driving home from work and had to make a video to share it with you.

I know its not exactly the best time to make a video hahah : )

But it really hit me, that I think we see problems as these barriers that we need to “break through”, which in turn associates pain/hard work to get passed them.

But in reality, all we really need to do is change the way we look at problems by:

1. Accepting that we have attracted this into our lives
and not resisting or fighting it.

2. Ask and reflect internally, if there is anyway that I can learn and grow from this.

And by looking at “problems” as opportunities to grow, you will side step, per say, your problems rather than trying to bash your head through them 🙂


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~ by desertrose on December 31, 2012.

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