Simple Tom

Live Life by Design

Have you ever thought about that? Designing your own life… Every single aspect of it.

Choosing when you want to take a vacation, seeing your family as much as you want, or buying your dream house, or building a well in Africa.. Guess what —>> All of this is POSSIBLE.

How do I know? Because my buddy Dakota is 19, and is doing it, along with me and 2 other friends…Pretty crazy huh? lol

It may seem like you need to be “dealt the right cards” or have super powers to do it. But You dont. (I’m no super hero haha)

Dakota and I both worked in construction type jobs, where your told:
when to show up
when you can go to the bathroom
when you can eat
when you can go home to your family
and when you can have a vacation…

Not exactly my idea of designing…

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~ by desertrose on January 3, 2013.

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