I sincerely hope that you enjoy this coming series for crystal therapists. It has taken seven years to get this far, and I consider it my magnum opus on the subject. If those of you who are brighter than me find any little mistakes, then please, please forgive me – I promise to do better next time. Actually, I’ve checked and rechecked my info so many times I’m practically beyond caring right now. Tonight’s post, “CRYSTAL MINERALS AND THE BODY” is the first of a six parter, where we identify the crystal minerals and explain how their energetic signatures may be used with intent to influence their counterparts in the human body.

Minerals have three functions in the body:




Electrolytes are the conductors of electrical impulses. They maintain heart rate, nerves, muscle impulses, and acid balance.

Builders make bones and teeth.

Reactors regulate cell-life.

The electrolytes are…

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~ by desertrose on January 14, 2013.

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