How Do I Free the Bliss?

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Love 4329A reader has asked me to offer my opinion on how to cause the bliss to rise and be experienced in us.

Before starting out, I need to make what is becoming a standard disclaimer that I am not qualified to be a spiritual teacher. I am not an enlightened being in this lifetime. As a starseed, like you, chances are that I’ve been enlightened in other lifetimes.

That comes with being a starseed here to help with Ascension and is not unique to me. It applies to you as well. But I have no evidence this lifetime of being enlightened.

But I do enjoy discussing these matters just because they’re inherently joy-filled subjects. It gives me bliss, quite frankly, just to talk about them.

So let me say first off that I don’t think I can put the case better than it has been put in “Bringing on the Bliss” at

But let me add to what was said there. In particular let me stress that bliss is who we are, just as “living” or “human” is who we are. God is everything. Therefore, we must also be God. And God is bliss. Therefore we must also be bliss.

Thus, there’s no need to acquire bliss, get bliss, or find bliss since bliss is who we are. There is a need to remove the barriers to the experience of bliss and that in fact is what so many of our sources are continually talking about.

They list the barriers to experiencing bliss repeatedly: anger, hatred, resentment, worry, fear, and so on. These are not divine qualities. They’re human qualities, which, in the course of our journey, we let go of.

They discuss them under headings like traumatic memories from the past, ancient issues, old baggage, etc. And they give us many ways of releasing these barriers – sourcing vasanas, releasing old issues, tapping, transmuting, etc.  All of these ways clear the brush, so to speak, and unconceal the bliss that’s always, already there.


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