Continuing our series for intuitive folk. Part 2:



Receives, retains, stores, activates and releases information.

Encourages clarity of mind.

Cleanses, clears, draws from the inside out.

Has the ability to draw out energetic toxins from within the organs.

Oxygenates blood and organs.

Clear quartz has the ability to access information that you thought was lost.

It assists clear thinking in situations taking place both in the mind and in the world.

Actively balances Yin-Yang energies within the body.

A gem elixir of clear quartz is recommended, as the ingesting of the pure elixir allows activation of the crystal properties.

Gives clear sight to the outer and inner eyes, helps clear confusion, lifting fog from the inner eyes to give us a better view of reality.

When laid on or when applied as a wand in the auric field, clears energy pollution from the auric field and chakras.

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~ by desertrose on January 24, 2013.

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