Nearly done, this is the penultimate choice in our list of crystals described for intuitional users:


Selenite has a mineral/water balance that is similar to that of the human body.

It follows that the vibrational energies of Selenite can connect very well with our own.

Selenite is used to hydrate skin and reduce the signs of aging.

As the body is mostly made of water, selenite is said (through its unique and stable resonance) to initiate purification by helping send fresh oxygen to  where the body needs it the most.

This effect is especially good when applied as a gem elixir.

Selenite cannot be placed directly in water as it will start to dissolve, but its’ energy can be transmitted into water, or a gem elixir, by focused intent and resonance.

Selenite can be used to help absorb pollution from car exhausts, factory smoke, and all fuel based…

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~ by desertrose on January 24, 2013.

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