Enlightened Beings ~ The Secrets To Walking A Spiritual Path

Jafree Ozwald | February 5 2013

“The Universe has billions of ways to keep us humble and fascinated all at the same time.” ~Mike Pearson

The spiritual being that you already are is already awakened, already conscious, already empowered, and already eternally free. You are an infinite being, who will live forever. You are connected to the greatest source of divine love you can imagine! You don’t need any method, teaching or person outside of you to access this. All that is needed is a deep relaxation into the source of what you already are. You are the authority of your life and you decide when, where, and how you will find, feel and experience the Divine.

Your spiritual essence is not hard to find. It is always here now, forever shining and radiating like the Sun. It is quietly and continuously pulsating a loving gentle energy, a softness that has the quality of pure light. This lightness is always happening (even while you’re reading this) and is available to you anytime you really relax inside. This lightness has a pure conscious quality about it, which ultimately brings total meaning, richness and a sweet reverence for life. It’s guiding your life towards an unconditionally loving state of bliss, joy and freedom which you’re meant to be resting in. It is the ultimate experience in life which everyone is seeking.

Whatever spiritual path you find yourself on is the right path for you in this moment of your life. Even if you don’t think you’re on a particular path, your soul is, and it is right on course, totally devoted to fulfilling its mission and completely aligned with its destiny. To find your path, start with looking inside yourself and feeling into the most soft gentle energy you can fathom. Let the worries of your day take the back burner for a few hours and open yourself to the softest, sweetest energy you can possibly imagine. You’ll need to be very sensitive and vulnerable to find it. It takes a very deep listening, an eternal listening, which is willing to wait forever for these blissful feelings to come flooding in. When you do find the soft sweetness, relax into it. Dissolve into it. The feeling of absolute joy and freedom it brings is one the greatest rewards you could ever imagine.

Perhaps you’re wondering what exactly is a spiritual path and what are the secrets to walking it? Well, the spiritual path is not really a linear path that one walks from A to B, but rather a deepening and opening into this present moment of existence. It can only be found in this moment. This “ordinary” moment and experience of your life contains the extraordinary connection to the Divine. The God Source is always here, always now and always available to you. Accessing this gentle vulnerable eternally listening energy inside you is the key that opens the door to finding God. The experience of surrendering to this way of living your life will lead you to the ultimate destination. The kingdom of God is always available within you. It simply takes 100% devotion and surrender to this light gentle spiritual essence which you already are.

There is a significant change in our experience of life when we become intrigued by the more subtle and sensitive quality to life. It’s as if you were always weaving a tapestry with normal yarn, and then one day you switched to using strands as thin as a spider web. This super subtle quality is the doorway to the Divine, and can only be found through deep stillness. This level of deep stillness can only be accessed when there is nothing, absolutely nothing agitating the mind. This means no chemicals, no caffeine, drugs of any kind (including sugar), or adrenaline kick inside your brain can be there, or any intention trying to take you to some “better” state of mind. If you are trying to get somewhere “better”, you will miss the greatest spiritual experience of all. Whenever we can naturally organically be fully here now, we have the best chance at accessing this super subtle spiritual energy inside.

“The day on which we come to know the supreme consciousness within us, then the outside world will also appear to us like the expanse of the supreme consciousness.” ~Osho

When you think about the idea that you are an infinite spiritual being, it’s as if you’re turning on the flashlight to see a treasure chest of diamonds hidden in your closet. This little flashlight allows you to get a glimpse of your real nature, yet to truly receive the wealth from your treasure, you have to learn how to totally relax into it. When you do this, you’ll see that the greatest hidden treasure is not just in your bedroom closet, the entire foundation of your house is actually made of diamonds! You’ll discover that you don’t need to continue searching “out there” for a few small gems when you already are sitting on a diamond foundation. You are that which you are seeking, and it is through this inner self enquiry that you discover the divine abundance of the spiritual path inside.

The secret to living in a continuous spiritual experience all day long is all about letting your innermost being merge with all that is. This merging can feel like an absorption, where the drop of water is taken in by the Ocean. The perpetual spiritual experience in life seems to occur when there is a deep willingness to meet with God directly, and communicate with the Divine whatever you are going through. It comes down to having total radical honesty with yourself, being totally fearless, accepting your darkness and your light. This level of intense honesty typically happens when we are forced to face some darkness or experience an intense emotional pain. This pain is what gives birth to the spiritual experience, removing the veil the ego has pulled over our eyes, forcing us to let go of our ego’s grip on our life, and become completely surrendered to the will of God.

By simply welcoming whatever deep emotional pain you can summon inside yourself (perhaps an old forgotten childhood memory) you can use your pain to open up and access your spiritual connection with the Divine. The pain we feel as humans is the compost needed to fertilize our awakening. Pain pushes us deeper into trust, to find healing and freedom from pain. It forces us to give up and connect with a higher power within. The blissful effects from feeling your pain and letting it push you deeper into your spiritual essence is the secret to staying on the spiritual path no matter what curveball life throws your way. It’s good to know that some form of pain is always here, always available, and there is an eternal supply buried very deep insid.


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