Living Beyond The Law of Attraction

October 5, 2012

Sherri Carter, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

When I heard about The Law of Attraction, it seemed to be a powerful message.  Authors, teachers and spiritual leaders who heavily focused on the belief that thoughts are energy, spoke about attracting everything we ever needed to us just by thinking good thoughts.  At first, this appeared to be a wonderful concept.  All I needed to do to have the life of my dreams was to think it and it would just magically appear.  As I worked more and more with the Law of Attraction, I, as well as many others, began to see the flaws in this theory. Once empowered people became completely disempowered because they were waiting for someone, or something, outside of themselves to create the life of their dreams.  They were thinking the good thoughts, but that was it.

While thinking good thoughts is a great thing to do, it is only the foundational step, step one!  Not moving beyond this first step was causing an uneasiness in the spiritual, new thought movement.  People were yearning for more!  In my quest for more, I began to study Universal Laws.  I stumbled upon the book The Light Shall Set You Free (1988) by authors Drs. Milanovich and McCune. Here, I discovered there are many, many laws, all working together beautifully, creating the tapestry of our lives.  The Law of Attraction was never intended to be the answer to all things in the Universe (that answer is 42, but that’s another story).  It is but one law.  I also found The Law of Action, which is the forward movement we put to our intentions.  I had found the missing piece!  It cleared up all of the horrible misuses happening with The Law of Attraction.  It moved me from only “thinking good thoughts” but also into incorporating action, supporting my desires.  This is what I learned from working with The Law of Action:

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