dearest odyssians,

hazy horizons in redfeeling a heavy haze on the horizon as the dreadful reality of monday closes in on us fast. monday-friday = less time for art and more time for O and OM to miss one another. every weekday for reasons i never find, i force myself (as my soul cries no) to trudge off to work in the melting blackened snow and freezing cold.  ive been trying to see the beauty in going to a job that i dont care for.. that beauty would be perseverance i suppose?  the fact we’ve managed to work at this place this long without seeking the solace of heavy medication must be a testament to our fortitude. odie has managed the long days without me.. and ive reached for the occasional glass of wine to help mend the rough edges i come home with on.

all the while the only thought on my…

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~ by desertrose on February 12, 2013.

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