How We Create Reality

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Reposted from: Waking Times |by Al Smith  

  • Do you wonder why life is a chaotic roller coaster of both positive and negative events?

  • Have you, like most, earnestly tried positive thinking, meditation or prayer without any tangible beneficial results?

  • Do you stress over your quietly desperate realization that you have little control over your own life?

  • Do you fear that most of us are floating helplessly like plankton on the waves?

  • Don’t you wish you had a magical power to change your life and the lives around you for the better?

Well, the good news is that you do!

After reading this a few times, you’ll understand the natural forces that create our individual and collective realities.  You’ll comprehend that we all have the same ability to use these forces for good or for evil. You’ll begin to see these forces at work everywhere.  You’ll learn…

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~ by desertrose on April 8, 2013.

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