Nipun Mehta, Harker Commencement 2013: Give, Receive, Dance


Published on Jul 8, 2013

When the student body of an elite private school in Silicon Valley was given the chance to vote on who would give their graduation address, their first pick was Nipun Mehta. An unexpected choice for these teenagers, who belong to what Time magazine called the “Me Me Me Generation”. Nipun’s journey is the antithesis of self-serving. More than a decade ago, he walked away from a lucrative career in high-tech, to explore the connection between inner change and external impact. ServiceSpace, the non-profit he founded has now drawn over 450,000 members across the globe. In this electrifying address that garnered a standing ovation, Nipun calls out the paradoxical crisis of disconnection in our hyper-connected world — and offers up three powerful keys that hold the antidote. Transcript:…

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2 Responses to “Nipun Mehta, Harker Commencement 2013: Give, Receive, Dance”

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  2. Excellent.


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