5 Life-Changing Reasons to Have a Gratitude Jar

5 Life-Changing Reasons to Have a Gratitude Jar
I have always preferred to think of myself as quick-witted. But, since I have spent the past couple of years taking a good look at myself, I have to be honest and admit, what I really am, is snarky. I love sarcasm. And those of us who do, do not often have the most optimistic outlook on life. I know I will never be a complete Little Ms. Sunshine, but I have been working on at least being a bit less dark.

So, when I saw that many of my friends had created “Gratitude Jars” at the start of the New Year, I joined in and created my own. What exactly is a gratitude jar? Basically it’s a jar (or basket or container) that you fill with notes, thoughts, and scribbles about something that you are thankful or grateful for. Some people add something on a daily basis, some do it randomly, and some add things when they are having an especially hard time.

You can be as elaborate or as simple as you want, going as far as decorating your own jar, to doing what I did and re-purposing a jar that had been gifted to me filled with seed packets. As for reviewing your gratitude s, this also is entirely up to you. Some people do it at the end of the year, some involve their whole family and read some at Thanksgiving, and others, like me, read them when they are having a really tough day.

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~ by desertrose on February 28, 2014.

2 Responses to “5 Life-Changing Reasons to Have a Gratitude Jar”

  1. brilliant, dear friend! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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