How To Keep Your Heart Open When You’re Angry

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When you’re with your best friend or closest family member your heart is likely to feel so open that honey just pours right out of it all over the floor.

It’s easy to keep your heart open when you’re with your child, as you see how she came to you, as a baby, so she could one day grow up and say,“I love you.” Your heart melts like chocolate chips in a hot stove.

When the object of your undying affection, down on one knee and holding a bouquet of roses, confesses that he’s been madly in love with you for years and just can’t hold it in anymore, you’re unlikely to armor up your heart very much.

Check in with your heart right now. How does it feel?

When The Heart Gets Challenged

It’s easy to keep your heart open when it feels safe and nurtured. But what about the other times?

How good are you at keeping your heart open with your fellow human beings when terrorists crash planes into your country’s beloved landmarks and kill thousands of innocent beings?

Can you keep your heart open when your abusive mother abandons you?

Can you keep giving those you love permission to break your heart when your heart keeps aching from loss, longing, abandonment, and betrayal?

Can you keep your heart open when your beloved pets keep dying?

What about when you’re trying to keep your heart open with those you work with in your professional life, but the knuckleheads in charge of the purse strings keep insisting that you sell out your integrity, seemingly with no concern for the well-being of those you’re trying to serve?

Can you keep your heart open when politicians threaten to withhold resources from inner city children in public schools, women who are victims of domestic violence, the mentally ill homeless population, women who are sold into sex trafficking, or uninsured children who need medical care?


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