The next crystal in our series for intuitives:



Supports feelings of peace and love in the holder.

Helpful for calming emotional tension; aids in releasing tension without fear or judgement.

Rose quartz reminds us to live in love, and that everything in our lives can be looked at with a sense that love is all there really is.

Calmly clears and cleanses all the chakras of the body.

Especially beneficial for the four higher chakras, Heart-Throat-Brow-Crown.

When placed at the Sacral Chakra for stress, it calms this centre and assists us when establishing our own space of emotional freedom.

Due to the content of manganese (Mn), it is beneficial for the skin, giving a young, soft, glowing complexion.

Useful to place in drinking water.

Excellent as an elixir to calm and clear the emotions.

Place in your bath water and soak in the soft…

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~ by desertrose on January 24, 2013.

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