THE NOW – A Meditation Journey To Your Inner Self and Beyond

Uploaded on Apr 11, 2011
Ever wondered what it is that looks out from behind your eyes? Do you know where you fit into the bigger scheme of things?For further information, contact john7@johnedmonds.comThis
video takes you on a journey through various levels of meditational
understanding and starts by exposing you to THE NOW and what it’s all
about. Then you are taken inwards to your inner self, and finally you
are taken beyond yourself to find your true place in the universe. Sound
complicated? It isn’t. Oh, and it has absolutely nothing to do with
Hypnosis or anything like that – it is quite safe to go on this journey –
and it it likely you will arrive feeling serene, relaxed and with a
whole new understanding about yourself and where you fit.

produced in 2006, this video has been very popular and was updated in
2008 and 2011. To fully appreciate this video, you need to set aside a
full 30 minutes of undisturbed time. ENJOY!

Further info:

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