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Today, George  of euzicasa ,a very  sweet dear man  nominated My  Echos From The Abyss blog  for the Tell Me About Yourself Award.  It was  a blog  I  first established  when  I first  came to Word Press.  It  was  more of  a purging than anything  else. As  I had  been  through so much in my life  and I  needed to  put  the words  out there  to give  them life somewhere   other than inside my head.  And then  I created  this  blog  to put to  work   a  promise I  had  made myself that  I   spoke about  in that   particular blog.  a  need  to  fulfill mission  I  had   given  myself. 

George  has been   so  kind and so   supportive of my  blog , he has been an  inspiration  with  his blog and  his  attitude towards life.  I am  truly honored and humbled.  Thank you   George.  Thank you very much. 

With  your indulgence I  would like to link this  here  as  this is  my  main  blog  now and  I  will post  a duplicate  on  the Echos From The  Abyss blog  as  well.

Thank you all for your kindness and support  it  has truly been  a wonderful and  educational experience as this is   the first time  I  have  ventured into blogging.  So please  bear  with  me and any faux pas I   may  commit in the process.

Ok now I   have to comply  with  what  has  been  asked of me for the  process of  this nomination to be complete, lol.  yes  as if I  haven’t  talked  about  myself enough  in this post   I  now have to  make a  list of other items I   would share , lol

The rules for this award :

1.Thank the person who nominated you :  Thank you  so much George !

2.Tell Seven things about yourself that you haven’t shared yet :

1.  I am a  Capricorn,  stubborn, compassionate,,  very  patient and  obsessively organized (or  so says  my  daughter  :) )

2. I  tinker with   Graphic Art

3. I am  working on  establishing a jewelry line based on Gaming images and symbols

4.  I am  working on  expanding my you tube  channel….the  trick is  making the time, lol

5.  I have  converted half my  backyard  into  an organic  garden  and orchard.  I couldn’t  convert the  entire  yard

because  my Son-in-law likes the lawn, so we  compromised  :P

6.  I have  made a pact with  myself to  strive to  make as much of our foods  as possible from  scratch.  I make my

own   breads,  jams,  sauces, jerky most  from ingredients   straight from  my  garden.

7.  I  would love  to  establish  an organization that  feeds the  hungry and  helps the  homeless.  Human and  animal alike.  I  know that requires  lots  of money , but I have  faith  that one  day I will achieve it .  A girl can dream right ???

Wow and I thought I had nothing else to add, lol

3. Nominate 7 bloggers.

1.  Mitch Santell   –  afteramerica

2.  Tazein Mirza Saad – transcendingbordersblog

3. carinaragno –  Piazza della Carina

4.  Cristi M. –  Simple.Interesting.

5.  Jason Cole  –  No ‘Fries’ for 365

6.  Nicole Chamberlin  –  Health Advocation

7.  Ken Marteney  –  Potentially Disruptive

8.  Celi Camacho –  Writing…therapy for the soul.

Congratulations  friends !


To my  beautiful sister  who did not  tell me she had started  her blog.   I  extend the nominations to   eight as  her  writing is so  beautiful and  full of  love  that I  cannot  help but  read   in wonder.  She  has  grown into   quite  a marvelous woman  and I  am proud to call her  sister  and   even  more  proud  to call  her  an Author.  I am humbled in the  presence of  her soft loving  spirit and   talent.

And Thank all for making my  blogging experience here on  Word Press a wonderful one .  Your  warmth and genuine friendliness are  awe inspiring. Your  blogs help me set a  goal for what I want  to accomplish.  




Thank you once  again  and Blessings to you  all!!

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~ by desertrose on October 18, 2012.

5 Responses to “Tell me about Yourself Award: Thank You George ( euzicasa)”

  1. Wonderful!! Thanks for referencing!

  2. As promised 🙂

  3. […] Tell me about Yourself Award: Thank You George ( euzicasa) ( […]

  4. […] Tell me about Yourself Award: Thank You George ( euzicasa) ( […]

  5. Hmmmm, my very first hater.
    Amazing how people will take it upon themselves to psychoanalyze and define a person they have never met by one post. Also very telling that with all the ” Tell Me About Yourself Award posts” on WordPress they should lock onto mine. Lucky me, huh ?
    The way I was raised it is customary to accept a compliment graciously. It is called “Having Manners”. Therefore when I was presented with this award I did what any civil well mannered individual would do . Accept graciously thank the person who has awarded me and comply with the rules presented to one. Only a half wit would consider this an “I HAVE ARRIVED,” moment. As this is a community award and presented by fellow bloggers to people they feel embody the spirit of the award. It’s not like it is a Pulitzer for goodness sake! Apparently in this persons viewpoint it is a sign that says, “Look At Me I am Special”!

    I suppose being nasty and impolite , saying that one does not accept awards would have been more to their liking. Unfortunately this is not their blog it is MINE. And as such I may do with it and in it as I choose and when I choose. Regardless of who likes it or not. Just as they do on their own personal blog.

    I have always wondered about haters and their never ending quest to tell others exactly what is wrong with them. Looking down their noses at others as if they have found Nirvana and no one else understands the stress of being so perfectly insightful that they can see what is wrong with others . So much so that they MUST instruct the rest of humanity on their shortcomings according to,themselves, of course. Their over-bloated sense of self, giving them license to pass judgment on others. Sounds like a look at me and listen to me for I know all moment doesn’t it ? Hmmmm, or should we say ,perhaps a “Discovering America Moment”?

    WordPress is a vast interlinking of individual blogs all full of the personal musings and sharing of personal perspectives. WE are all different and are entitled to our perspectives on life. However, yours does not override mine, nor should it. There is this really neat concept and it is quite simple really……..If you don’t like what someone else has to say click the X and get out of dodge. No one is twisting your arm ,nor are they holding a gun to your head to keep you on a blog reading posts that are obviously intellectually beneath you . Rather than holding up that big bold sign saying, “I need attention so I will hate on you today”! Contrary to what your skewed sense of intellectual indignation has deluded you to believe.. You are making yourself look bad not the person you are targeting.

    Another tidbit that may come in handy from time to time is ” Live and Let Live” simple and to the point and no one has to tell anyone else what to do or how to think. Pretty neat concept. I try to live my life by it…….. Oh dear me there it is, another Me,me, me moment, lol, I must work on being less self centered, I suppose. 😛

    If you are under the impression that this post was a cry for attention, then you will certainly have to suffer through the posts to come and rest assured they will most definitely come. It is certainly a sad state of affairs for you and your twisted sense of pseudo intellectualism.

    Your post has been approved and it sits here ,for the simple reason that I will not let it be said that I censor or do not allow people to speak their minds. A trait you seem to find abhorrent, unless of course they happen to share your opinion on matters.

    Wishing you a wonderful day! Blessings of Love and Light to you and yours 🙂

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